Voter Education, Rights, & Services

Voting is a right and responsibility given to United States citizens to ensure our democracy. Our membership is involved in a broad range of Voter Services, including voter education, ballot amendment education, and candidate forums.  We also staff polling locations and assist in registration.
The issue of voter rights has been the cornerstone of the League of Women Voters since its inception. Local members work with the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections office to provide opportunities to register to vote for all eligible citizens. We also make information about elected officials, candidates, amendments, and other legislative decisions available to the voters at no cost.


The League supports Florida’s constitutional requirement to make adequate provision for the education of all children that is ‘uniform, efficient, safe, secure and high quality’.

Key issues include:

  1. Charter school quality, management and cost efficiency.  
  2. Constitutionality of direct and indirect funding to support private schools.
  3. Impact of testing and school grade policies on teaching, learning and curriculum.
  4. Impact of school choice on school racial and economic segregation and local control of education policy.


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Health Care

The League of Women Voters of St. Lucie County supports a healthcare system that provides access to a basic level of quality care for all Florida residents, and that controls healthcare costs.

The League of Women Voters of St. Lucie County supports every woman’s right to access affordable, high-quality reproductive health care.  We affirm that public policy in a pluralistic society must affirm the constitutional right to privacy of the individual to make reproductive choices.

Natural Resources

The League of Women Voters of St. Lucie county supports state legislation for energy conservation and greater use of renewable sources like solar energy. The League supports policies that promote conservation of fresh water and its availability for environmental, public, agricultural, industrial, and mining uses on a priority basis. LWVSLC also supports legislation to ban oil and gas drilling off Florida’s coast, as well as funding for public transportation.

Key issues include:

  1. Fund Florida Forever of the Water and Land Legacy Act/Protect our state parks
  2. Ban “fracking” in Florida
  3. Restore and protect our water and aquifers
  4. Promote renewable energy and sustainability


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Gun Safety

The League of Women Voters of Florida seeks to reduce and prevent gun crimes, injuries, and deaths via:

  1. A state ban on all semiautomatic assault weapons and large-capacity feeding devices
  2. Comprehensive universal background checks and ensuring that the State provides all relevant records to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)
  3. Continuing efforts to defeat unsafe gun legislation, such as Open Carry, Campus Carry, and Stand Your Ground expansion


Click Here to see more information on Statewide research and efforts.