President’s Annual Letter

This has been a whirlwind year for the League of Women Voters of St. Lucie County. The year started out with the President Susie Cassens attending the Florida State Leaders Convention in Orlando in May. This was a busy and interesting learning experience for the new President. Relationships were established and knowledge on the various goals plus sitting in on voting for new programs was all part of the Convention. June launched our League immediately into preparing for Candidate Forums for the 2016 Primary Election. It was a team affair with WPSL and St. Lucie County TV which hosted 60 candidates from almost every office including State and National. We were proud to include all parties again for the final General Election. Some of our members also helped with Absentee Ballots for the County. With elections over we continued our work (Jeanette Hartsell) with the Martin County LWV to Study the Indian River Lagoon Issue (Blue-Green Algae). We also decided to do our own Study on Residence Requirements for Candidates which will be carried on over to the new year. At the beginning of this year we invited Dr. Edie Widder from the Ocean Research and Conservation Organization to inform and educate us on their scientific perspective on the issues with the Indian River Lagoon. This was extremely informative. Committee Chairs were also busy on their individual programs and keeping us informed after Conference Calls with the State League. We also helped the State League by being a part of their State Research Project (Types of Primaries) which is very exciting. Our Chapter Website is in process now. A great Membership Reception was held at Kathryn and Carl Hensley’s which was very well attended. Mary Mosely represented us by judging at the SLC District History Fair and one student was awarded the prize. In February our Guest Speaker was Gertrude Walker, Supervisor of Elections for St. Lucie County. Questions on the election process were asked such as online registration and more. Our last meeting entailed the 2018-2020 Program Recommendations for our State League Program. It sure has been a busy year for the League of Women Voters of St. Lucie County but would we really have it any other way? Thank you for each person’s help in making this year a success!!!


Respectfully Submitted,
Susie Cassens, President

Promoting the Transition to Electric Vehicles


Scott Facing Increasing Pressure: Have you called yet?

The Florida News Service reports the mounting pressure on Governor Scott to veto HB 7069 and part of the State budget. We need to keep the pressure up.  Call his office and send a message:

Call: (850) 488-7146

Email:  (Note that emails become public record.)

Tell the Governor that:

  • The budget results in a net loss for many school districts.
  • Sharing capital outlay funds with charters is not cost effective.  Many small schools increase facility costs and decrease needed maintenance.
  • Charter take over of public schools solves nothing.  Charter students in five of seven Florida cities do worse than similar students in public schools.

The Senate proposal for education was a practical, reasonable approach to education funding.  Ask the Governor to reconvene the legislature and do what is needed.